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Praacchi Borkarr is a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach & Healer. She is also a Discover the Love Within Coach. She is a Corporate Trainer & Mind Power Trainer. She is a CERTIFIED EFT EMOTIONAL FREEDOM THERAPY Therapist & Counselor. She has 10+ yrs of Experience in Transforming People

She Founded Praachi’s Centre of Excellence in Jan
2017 & Inspiring Dreamzz Academy in July 2015.
She has Transformed 1000’s of people from all
walks of Life Students, Job Professionals,
Businessmen, Housewives, Enterpreneurs,

She also Founder of Pehechan Stri Shakti ki – Women Empowerment Group
She is Founder of Samruddha Bharat Jagruti Company which helps Enterpreneurs & Ceo ‘s in Mentoring,Consulting, Funding & Scaling Business /Organizations
Samruddha Bharat Jagruti also helps Corporates in Developing Soft Skill of the Employees thereby helping them to Increase Productivity of Company

Plus years of Experience
Special Training Program
Plus Transformed Professionals
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