Through a Unique Module Designed To Give a Extraordinary Shift In The Career Ladder Of Professionals, Managers, Top Level Management ,CEO, Businessmen

The program mainly focuses on developing the skills Required To become successful corporate professional thereby helping the companies to grow in productivity and efficiency focusing on all aspects of Emotional & Mental growth thus imparting the soft skills required to run a successful organization on which the organization rests

Communication Skill

Communication is a very important and indispensable asset for an Professional Without it the organization cannot function so we focus on all levels of communication for corporates

  • Communication in Organization

  • Presentation skills

  • Negotiation skills

  • Conflict Management

  • Criticism Handling

Team Building And Leadership Skills

Building a Team Managing in itself is a biggest challenge  faced by organizations

Team Building is done through various activities and Mind Stimulating Exercises which helps to bring a shift in the behavioural of the Team leader and Members in the team thereby helping them to bring a coordinated growth in the team “Leaders are not born they are made.” We inculcate the values and beliefs of a leader through a Mind Programming tools & unique methodology thereby turning a corporate professional into a Dynamic LEADER empowering him with skills to lead the team successfully contributing to the growth of the organization

Stress Management And Emotional Intelligence

With a Right Thought Process Exhilarating Emotional State One Can Achieve Efficiency & Boost the Productivity

We use a Clinically Proven and Psychological Tools to help Release the Stress and achieve a Peaceful state of mind which in turns helps the professionals to boost their productivity and Improve Emotional Intelligence

Peak Performance Training

“Success is determined by Attitude than Aptitude.” Building a right attitude in the professionals is very important We build a right mindset in a professional so that he can contribute to the organization in a right way and help the organization to grow multifold through different self introspective and Mind Power tools to bring a shift in the behaviour and thought process of Professionals

Time Management

Time Management is the most important factor in Peak Performance of an Professional A Person who manages time easily can become successful at high speed

Goal Setting

Goals gives us direction in life An Organization can only grow if every professional working with it can set an individual goal for himself to grow with the organization Every Professionals plays a very vital role in reaching targets of the company By Setting Individual Goals, achieving targets of organization become Easy and Fast


Stress Management & Emotional Intelligence with Emotional Freedom Therapy to overcome negative emotion, thoughts, negative memories and  beliefs.

Emotional Freedom Therapy is based on the science of acupuncture technology to release negative emotions and overcome negative behavior/Beliefs like Fear of Interview, Tension & Pressure of Work, Fear of Public Speaking, Low Self Worth, Fear of Failure, Low Self Esteem, Belief “I m not good Enough” ,Nobody understand me”. “I Can’t do it”.

 Effective Communication Skills

  • Verbal and Non-Verbal

  •  Communication

  • Body Language

  • Basic Etiquettes and Manners

  • Interpersonal Skill Assessment

  • Active Listening

  • Effective Body Language

Self-Motivation and Confidence Building(Positive Thinking)

  • Power of Self Affirmations

  • Creative Visualization

  • Neuro-Association to erase the

     negative beliefs ,behavior and Habits

     Goal Setting

  •  Importance of Having a Goal on life

  •  How to set realistic Goals

  •  How to overcome the obstacles to reach your goals

  •  How to achieve your goals with Law of attraction and Breakthrough


  •  Golden Pen method

  •  Act As If Method

Criticism Handling

  • How to deal with criticism Assertively

  • Types of Criticism

  • How do you respond assertively to criticism

  • Beliefs we carry behind Criticism

  • How to come out of Self-Doubt

Team building & Teamwork

  • What is Team Building

  • Significance of a Team

  • Activities

Time Management

  • What is Time management

  • Need of Time Management

  • Benefits of Time management

  • Types of Time Management

  • Various Components of Time Management

  • Tools for Time management

  • Urgent/Important Matrix

  • How to Avoid Multitasking

  • Role of Biological Clocks in Time Management

Leadership Skills

  • Types of Leadership Styles

  • Tips to develop leadership skills

  • Different types of Personalities and strategies to deal with them

Presentation Skills

  • Do and Don’t for Effective Presentation

Emotional Intelligence

  • Elements of Emotional Intelligence

  • Managing and getting Free of Negative Emotions with EFT

  • Blocks to Emotional Intelligence

Conflict Management

Effective Sales Training