Every individual possesses two types of comfort zone (potential or abilities). One which is INBORN and another which is timely ACQUIRED. Through our professional scientific methods individual, guidance is provided to students, individuals, Professionals to identify the comfort and discomfort zones. There by helping them to identify their PASSION of their life.


Parent Child Counseling plays a very imp role today to improve relationship between Parents and Children Through the counseling and effective therapies we try to reduce the communication gap with parent and child & help them to create a long lasting bond with each other. Counselling helps children and parents to understand the needs an wants of each other thereby creating a loving and long lasting bond with each other.


Pre Marriage Post Marriage Counseling are the most imp aspect in Couples Counselling To live a happy married life it becomes very imp to know each other psychology so that both of them can satisfy each other needs and wants and live a happy married life Through the unique counseling strategies and therapies the understanding between the couples is raised and we help them to come to a mutual understanding and once again recreate the bond with each other