*DISCOVER THE LOVE WITHIN* is a Mission to Help people to Discover Love Within them & in others and help others to activate the Immense Source of Love within them by different Transformational Programs & Workshops to help improve relationship with oneself & othersĀ 

We all are in a journey of finding love in our life ,we all expect others to give us love and affection,we die to get love from others but we have forgotten that there is reservoir of love within

We all are made of love within as created by our divine

The Ultimate Source of Love is You & not Outside of you

When you start exploring the Reservoir of love within ,our search of love ends there

We become Love ,we radiate love in each & every act that we do

We start forgiving people who have hurt us ,abused us ,made us feel insecure and made us feel Inferior of us

When we BECOME LOVE ,We Radiate it to other who need it ,We no more need to find it outside of us

With the help of different scientifically Proven Techniques we provide Transformation Programs ,we help you to Open the Heart Centre within your body and initiate the Flow of Love Energy within you

I welcome you all on this journey of Discovering of Love Within