Stress Management with Emotional Freedom Therapy to overcome negative
emotions, thoughts, negative memories and beliefs.

  • Emotional Freedom Therapy is based on the science of acupuncture. technology to release negative emotions and overcome negative behaviour /Beliefs like Fear of Interview, Fear of Public Speaking, Low Self Worth, Fear of Failure, Low Self Esteem, Belief “I’m not good Enough”, Nobody understand me”. “I Can’t do it”, “Nobody Loves me”

 Effective Decision Making

  • Decision making at the time of Crisis

Self-Motivation and Confidence Building

  • Power of Self Affirmations

  • Creative Visualization

  •  Neuro-Association to erase the negative beliefs ,behavior and Habits

 Goal Setting

  • Importance of Having a Goal on life

  •  How to set realistic Goals

How to overcome the obstacles to reach your goals?

How to achieve your goals with Law of attraction and Breakthrough?

  •  Golden Pen method

  •  Act As If Method

Effective Communication Skills

  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

  •  Grooming

  •  Interpersonal Skill Assessment

  •  Active Listening

  •  Effective Body Language

  •  Relationship Building and Convincing Skills

  •  Interview Skills

  •  Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Relationship building with Parents, Friends, Relatives.

  •  6 Human Needs

  • Understanding the needs and mode of communication

Accepting Oneself

  •  Learn to accept oneself with mind power techniques

  •  Learn to accept your body with Meditation techniques

Selecting Friends and People around you

  •  “A Man is known by the company he keeps”

  •  How to select good friends and get rid of bad company

  •  How to remove negative acquired traits & behavior


  •  Learn how to do meditation to release negative thoughts, emotions and Beliefs.